"Short" Movies

The Last Abduction (2015)

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A writer of sci-fi and fantasy novels becomes obsessed with obtaining proof that he has been the victim of multiple alien abductions.

Unleaded (2015)

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Three thugs attempting to rob a petrol station are interrupted by three stoners with a severe case of the munchies.

The Smiling Man (2015)

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A little girl home alone finds herself face-to-face with pure evil.

Keas: New Zealand's Witty Daredevils (2015)

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Keas: New Zealand's Witty Daredevils: Unlike any other parrots, the Keas, New Zealand's astonishingly intelligent mountain parrots, just love the snow, the cold and the harsh environment.

Yikes (2015)

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A struggling young actor begins to see disturbing visions of the immediate future and he soon realizes that having this ability is not exactly a welcomed gift unless he is ready to do something about it.

Red Hood: The Fallen (2015)

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Following the Death of Batman, a new vigilante hits Gotham, hellbent on fulfilling redemption, over a classic Enemy.

The Fisherman (2015)

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Honourable old Wong has been a squid fisherman for nearly all of his life, but unfortunately, nowadays, he struggles to make ends meet. Soon, his fishing rod's bell will cheerfully ring, but does he really want to surface his prized catch?

The Oust (2015)

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A college student and part time babysitter accepts a last minute job for extra cash. After a few strange occurrences, she soon realizes it may be something more sinister than she had ever imagined.

Thunder Road (2016)

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Thunder Road: An American police officer eulogizes his mother at her funeral by singing and dancing to the Bruce Springsteen song, Thunder Road.

The Boss Baby and Tim's Treasure Hunt Through Time (2017)

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The Boss Baby and Tim's Treasure Hunt Through Time:Join the fun as Boss Baby and Tim battle pirates, travel through outer space, swim deep into the sea, and go toe-to-toe with some ferocious dinosaurs.

Two Worlds (2015)

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Two characters finding hope and coming together in the bleakest of moments. One marooned on a desolate planet and the other crash landing on the same planet. Both have benefits to helping each other find solace in this barren world.

22 Years (2015)

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22 Years: After twenty-two years, Avi receives a call she never expected. Independent, well-loved by her friends, and making her way through a man's world, Avi must now face the choice - rekindle the...

Obscure (2015)

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Obscure: Through all the confusion and obsession that he is passing through, He gets lost between what it's real and what it's not.

Psychomanteum (2015)

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A broken family man is haunted by the ghosts of his wife and daughter, who he has murdered at the request of an entity residing in his bathroom mirror.

King Ripple (2015)

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Four teens travel into a desolate and decrepit urban wasteland brought forth by the very being they wish to find, dead or alive.

Caleb (2015)

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A boy steps out of a 3D printer to meet his maker...

Total Awesome Viking Power (2015)

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An epic comedy about Live Action Role Players where Vikings, Ninjas, and Norse Gods battle so that our hero can learn the true meaning of Total Awesome Viking Power.

Gay Batman Forever (2015)

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Can the dynamic duo resolve their differences and form a unified front against the villains of Gotham?

Party Animal (2015)

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A guy wakes up after a wild night and finds out that his life is in ruins.

The Shepherd (2016)

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The Shepherd: Formerly a streetwise orphan, Asmita has her world turned upside down when she meets Isaac,

Untamed (2016)

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Sally, a introverted 15-year old girl, tries to tame her wolf father.

The Last Dream (2017)

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The Last Dream: In a future where people have lost the ability to dream, a company has made a business out of recycling precious fantasies of the few that can still produce them. A model employee, Khalil, is one of the top performers until one day, his dreams are no longer to the liking of the company.

Chased (2015)

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Chased is the story of Anneliese, a young girl who lives in a society where the practice of Christianity is illegal.

Downstairs (2015)

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An inquisitive night security guard is tormented by evil spirits.